8 Shocking Top Weapon Producer States

8 Shocking Top Weapon Producer States

There’s a high demand for gun ownership all across the world. Countries have long been conducting exports and imports of guns, bombs, and other weapon to gain revenues. Though civilians can’t own bombs, grenade, and other massive weapon, they can own a rifle or gun if they have a licens. There’s an increase in gun ownership in various regions in the world. United States of America, Swiss, Finland, and Serbia are a few states who have the highest gun ownership rate. In America alone, there are 130.000 gun dealer with 51.438 retail store, 7.356 pawnshop and 61.562 collector.

Now, the world have a few weapons ready in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the favorite weapons in the modern era are AK-47, A5-15, G3, FAL, MP5, M1911 and several others. These weapons are sold and bought by several states. But do you now which states are the highest producer of guns? Now, if you don’t, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve provided a list of top 8 weapon producer state in the world:

  1. USA
    America have seen a great deal of increase in the culture of gun ownership. It is shown in the substantial increase of gun owners for years and years. As mentioned above, this state have more gun stores than grocery stores, 15.000 more to be exact. The market for gun export is up to 29% in 2005 to 2009. In the last five years, the rates have gone up to 31% which is the highest in the world. More guns are produced and exported to different parts of the world. Because of that, America is the leading weapon producer in our list.
  2. Russia
    The second place in our list goes to Russia. In the last five years, the number of weapon export in Russia have increased from 22% to 27%.
  3. China
    In the last couple of years, China have astonishingly increased their weapon production. The market for weapon export have gone from 3% to 6%.
  4. Germany
    The economic giant, Germany, is also one of the leading weapon producer. Germany, other than being known as a mass producer, also created some of the most modern weapon we use now. The market for weapon export is around 11% in 2005 to 2009. But now, that rate has gone down to 5,5%
  5. France
    France have seen significant improvement in the area of selling weapons for export. From 2005 to 2009, this state have a good market rate of 8% which drops to 5% in 2010 until 2014.
  6. England
    Sixth on the list of 8 Weapon Exporter State is England. England historically have been one of the biggest producer of weapon, dating back to the hundred years war. For the last decade, it have a constant market of 4%.
  7. Italy
    Other state in Europe, which is Italy, is on the 7th rank. Export of international weapon in the state have increased from 2% to 3,5% in 2010. Until now, the rate have gone up again and again.
  8. Spain
    Located in Europe, Spain doesn’t just offer famous holiday resort. It is also a popular state that produce and export weapons. Spain market is a bit above 3%, which is why it is in the 8th rank.

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