Rifles in the America Civil War

Rifles in the America Civil War

The America Civil War is still the deadliest conflict in the history of America to date. The amount of casualties is in a historical high. There is an estimated 620.000 people who lost their life in merely four years of war. But, new research predicts an increase in casualty. Now, the number is up to 750.000 and even 850.000. The number of this casualty is surprisingly bigger than the sum of all America’s war until the Vietnam war. 

The illness that exist because of the lack of antibiotics is the main cause for these horrifying death tolls, more than 2% of Americans are wiped out. But, the evolution of rifles also plays a big role. A more accurate and fast rifle combined with an outdated military tactics have created casualties, even amongst civilians. To get a sense of the war, here are 8 air rifles from the Civil War that you need to know.

Springfield Model

The first mass produced americans rifle in the 1861 has the length of an arm. This weapon is common in the Civil war. Arm shotgun is the most dominant military rifle back then. Like any other gun, the projectile of an arm shotgun is smaller than the hole. This rifle also allows faster loading even when the gun is a bit dirty due to the gun powder. But unlike the previous gun, the hole is dettachable. Dettaching allows Model 1861 and others alike to create a new technologi called the Minie ball. 

Cone shaped projectile, developed by Navy French man Claude Etienne Minie in 1849, is known to achive the highest accuracy in a long rifle that have never happened before. Captain James H. Burton imroved the Minie ball from America by making a hole on the lead bullet base. This allows the projectile to reach wider range when shot. It also allows a more stable and accurate shot. The Union and Confederate army use this accuracy for a destructive effect. They shoot 500 .58 calibers Minie ball in a range of 500 meter at once. 

1861 Model 9-pound model, 40-inch barrel is also a more reliable military weaponry compared to the weapons before. Though there are several adjustment, the shooting speed of a Springfield is similar to the usual gun, which is three shots per minute. This is quite fortunate considering the medical team that already have their hands full with the rapidly increasing injured soldier from the bullets of the 1861 Model.

Pattern 1853 Enfield

Consider by most as a Minie styled weapon at the time, Pattern 1853 Enfield is more developed than most weapon in the battle fielf. A rifle made by England, it is the most commonly used weapon by the Kingdom at that time. It effectively shoots up to 900 yard, 400 yard further than most rifles in the Civil War.England become one of the leading gun dealer for the Rebels (North), with small weapon industries all throughout London and Birmingham creating up to 350.000 1853 Models weapon.

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