Dora And Gustav Rail Cannon

The Most Popular Weapon In World War

In the history world war is the bad war ever in the world. Beginning in  1939 till 1945 with many kind country turn down in this war. Lucky for us who don’t see this war or just life in this era. Even this war has been finished but there are many weapons that still exist now.

World war happened in two part that is world war I and also world war II. You can imagine, a long time a go people can make an scaries weapon and killed many people. Site trusted poker online join and get the jackpot. If you interest to know what the name of weapons, you can read this article bellow.

The Popular Name Of The Weapons In World War

Germany is the most country that produced a danger weapon. The weapon can killed many people in few minutes. So, this is the popular name of the weapons in world war.

  1. Silbervogel

This the kind of bomb rocket in the 1930 era, design to be a sub-orbital. The design of this bomb is completely with a power of rocket. This weapon using by Germany in wordl war II.

  1. Yamato Class
    Yamato Class

The stronger ship in the war is yamato class, with a energy 72.000 ton. This ship designer by japan. The design of this ship using a coral with a high 1.469 kg with long distance 42 m.

  1. Mouse Bomb
    Mouse Bomb

England said that this boms is bomf of the mouse. Churchill play this important person who make the Europe crowded, because of this mouse come in.

The mouse is full of bomb and put in bolier area in Germany. Because of this bomb Germany get a cruel city and get a lose of economy and also society in world war II.

  1. Dog Anti Tank Soviet
    Dog Anti Tank Soviet

If the name of the weapon before is mouse, now we can call by a dog. Uni soviet using the dog to against the tank and also the enemy, Germany. The dog is smart because they will bring the bomb from their body to tank.

But because of the dog in new area, so they just make a warning to the Germany and make it a killed bomb to their self.

  1. The V2 Rocket
    The V2 Rocket

Germany is who produce this rocket, with first long distance rocket to be a weapon to against English. This rocket can killed many people because of the skill to move in vertical along 6 mil before to pierce  a way and becoming horizontal.

  1. Dora And Gustav Rail Cannon
    Dora And Gustav Rail Cannon

This weapon ussualy call by schwerer gustav that using for broke tha dam of france. This weapon produce by Germany in worl war II and becoming a high weapon class.

  1. V3 Cannon
    V3 Cannon

This kind of meriam that in world war II we can say that is the strongest bomb. This using to broke a London with secret code  as busy Lizzie.

All of the weapon is stil popular till now. So, if you read a history about world war you can find the name of this weapons and you can imagine how scare this weapon ever.

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