The Most Popular Weapon In World War

Dora And Gustav Rail Cannon

In the history world war is the bad war ever in the world. Beginning in  1939 till 1945 with many kind country turn down in this war. Lucky for us who don’t see this war or just life in this era. Even this war has been finished but there are many weapons that still exist now.

World war happened in two part that is world war I and also world war II. You can imagine, a long time a go people can make an scaries weapon and killed many people. Site trusted poker online join and get the jackpot. If you interest to know what the name of weapons, you can read this article bellow.

The Popular Name Of The Weapons In World War

Germany is the most country that produced a danger weapon. The weapon can killed many people in few minutes. So, this is the popular name of the weapons in world war.

  1. Silbervogel

This the kind of bomb rocket in the 1930 era, design to be a sub-orbital. The design of this bomb is completely with a power of rocket. This weapon using by Germany in wordl war II.

  1. Yamato Class
    Yamato Class

The stronger ship in the war is yamato class, with a energy 72.000 ton. This ship designer by japan. The design of this ship using a coral with a high 1.469 kg with long distance 42 m.

  1. Mouse Bomb
    Mouse Bomb

England said that this boms is bomf of the mouse. Churchill play this important person who make the Europe crowded, because of this mouse come in.

The mouse is full of bomb and put in bolier area in Germany. Because of this bomb Germany get a cruel city and get a lose of economy and also society in world war II.

  1. Dog Anti Tank Soviet
    Dog Anti Tank Soviet

If the name of the weapon before is mouse, now we can call by a dog. Uni soviet using the dog to against the tank and also the enemy, Germany. The dog is smart because they will bring the bomb from their body to tank.

But because of the dog in new area, so they just make a warning to the Germany and make it a killed bomb to their self.

  1. The V2 Rocket
    The V2 Rocket

Germany is who produce this rocket, with first long distance rocket to be a weapon to against English. This rocket can killed many people because of the skill to move in vertical along 6 mil before to pierce  a way and becoming horizontal.

  1. Dora And Gustav Rail Cannon
    Dora And Gustav Rail Cannon

This weapon ussualy call by schwerer gustav that using for broke tha dam of france. This weapon produce by Germany in worl war II and becoming a high weapon class.

  1. V3 Cannon
    V3 Cannon

This kind of meriam that in world war II we can say that is the strongest bomb. This using to broke a London with secret code  as busy Lizzie.

All of the weapon is stil popular till now. So, if you read a history about world war you can find the name of this weapons and you can imagine how scare this weapon ever.

Best Of Germany Weapons In World War II


In the world war II, all of the state that follow a war always give the best struggle to win a war. One of their stuggle is making a killed weapons. Germany for example, this state always give their best weapon in the war even they loose in the end.

World war II is interesting history for many people because in this time, world like a dark planet. Many people feel scary and lost hope to live their life because of the country become a difficult to find food, money and also for society become a danger situation.

Name Of Germany’s Killed Weapon

Like in the first paragraph we want to talk about a Germany weapon to use in the world war II. As we know till nowadays Germany always be a number one country that produce a weapons in the world. So this is the name of the Germany’s killed weapon in worl war II

  1. Messerschmitt Bf 109 Fighter
    Messerschmitt Bf 109 Fighter

Bayerische Flugzeugwerke 109 Is the most important military plane for Germany for operational or in the total production. This weapon using a jumo machine and launching at the 1937 when war in espanol.

This weapon has two bomb utomatic  side 20 mm and two gun machine in cowling machine and also additional bomb to shoot . wow, its amazing weapon.

  1. Gustav Bomb
    Gustav Bomb

This is biggest bomb ever that has been used in the history. Produced by Krupp industry with a danger gun. But this bomb not simple and slowly to run because of the big body. But this always an amazing weapon in this world war II.

  1. Horten Ho 229
    Horten Ho 229

Plane with jet machine for the first time used in this plane. This design is requested by chief of nazi Germany, Herman Gorring for small bomb. In the next time this plane develop by horten brother.

Because of the body of this plane is slim so this plane is difficult to find in the air. But, even the design is perfect this plane is never use to world war.

  1. Goliath

Not only the vehicle that fly in the air, Germany also produce goliath as their weapon that look like a tank. But it is small tank. Design if this weapon is use to bring a bomb and this tank is operation in long distance.

  1. Tiger Tank
    Tiger Tank

Once again from the tank, Germany also produce other big tank that is tiger tank. Till now reputation tank to be a weapon in the war is because military of Germany use a lot of tank in world war II.

Even tank find in England for the first time, Germany design a better tank after this. Tiger tank use to complete the other tank in Germany.

If you want to know more about a weapon in world war you can read a history about this. To search this information you can read a book or reading online article like this. Reading online article is easier right than you search a book of this history. Now, you must pray to not reply this world war again.

5 of The Best Air Rifle

5 of The Best Air Rifle

The use of firearms has become a controversial topic lately. One common type of firearm is a gun. This is a type of firearm with short stock and is designed to be fired with one hand. The initial use of this term came into use in 1388 when people explicitly called it a gun. Firearm maniacs are fascinated by the idea of ​​owning a shotgun because the idea of ​​having power in one hand sounds empowering. Firearms can be used both as a battle weapon and as a sports instrument. Some of the best rifles or pistols as mentioned below:


    This gun is one of the most recognized weapons in the world. This weapon was supplied to the US military from 1873 to 1891. Colt’s Single Action Army Revo had seven and a half barrels, sturdy frame construction, cartridge revolvers, the final result which was hardened with casings, and walnut handles. It is one of the most formidable weapons, so it is the most reliable. This rifle has great strength although it is relatively simple in terms of technology. This weapon is considered a legend, with icons and heroes such as George Patton, Theodore Roosevelt, T.E. Lawrence and George Custer took him in their most famous battle.

    PP is an acronym for Polizie Pistole which is actually a semi-automatic blowback gun. This gun has an open hammer, a dual action trigger mechanism, a single column and a fixed barrel. Bet on to get attractive prizes every week The barrel still functions as a guide for recoil springs. One long pull of the trigger’s gun is tilted by its hammer so it can fire when released. This gun is also one of the first of its kind to have a decocker, a safety feature where the slide will fall safely when the trigger is pressed. Wealther is widely used in professional shooting competitions in the contemporary era.

    More than one million of this type were produced between 1896 and 1937. The technology was considered sophisticated at the time. This gun has a fixed 10-round box in front of the trigger trigger which is given a stripper clip. This gun has a thin grip. It was a large and generally unbalanced weapon, but became popular because the first semi-automatic rifle technology was effective enough for use by the army. The most famous infantry soldiers who use this rifle are US and Canadian soldiers.

    This type is the final pistol design from John Browning and was made at the request of Fabrique Nationale for the French military. Known as the Grande Puissance, or high strength if translated literally, and Grand Rendement, or high yield. Surprisingly, France continued its request. Belgium also decided to take the same type and call it P-35.

    This pistol was created in response to the need for more rifles during the height of the Prohibition era in America in the 1930s when people like John Dillinger and Al Capone ruled the entire city. It ushered the world in the Magnum era and was sold at $ 60 at the time. The buyer is given a purchase certificate that is matched with the number engraved on the revolver. They can also choose stocks, hammers, sights, triggers and barrel lengths. Also known as .357 Magnum, this gun has a higher speed and lower energy.

Informative History Of Weaponry

Informative History Of Weaponry

The word “gun” arrives from an old Nordic word that translates into war. Historically, the first biggest ballista in the world which stood on the top of Windsor Palace in England is named Domina Gunilda. The term “gun” has long been used to describe a weapon that is carried by hand since the late 14 or 15 century.

The first group that develops weaponry is the people of China. Chinese started making weapons from bamboos since the year of 1000. It is also found that Chinese people started developing gun powder a hundred years prior to the creation of the bamboo weapon.

The first tipe of weapon is a portable burner-handle that is created from bamboos filled with black gun powder. This burner-handle is placed on the tips or a spearhead, used to shoot fire. It also makes the spear shoot through longer miles. Fire, spears, and the burner-handle will shoot in unison to burn through the enemy’s barricade. The proof of this weapon in history is in a silk banner originating from Dunhuang, China that is first created in the year of 1132. In it, it is said that the Song Dynasty from China uses weapons loaded with gun powder to attack the army of Jurchens.

As weapons are developed, the amount of potasium carbonate in the gun is increased to create a more explosive effect when firing the gun. To keep up with the explosive nature, the original outer layer of bamboo and paper is replaced with a stronger material which is metal or steel. Other modification made is in regards to the lenght and form. Now, guns points are made to be longer so that the explosive force can have a longer shooting range.

Other nation using fire weapons are the Kingdom of Majapahit in Indonesia. It all started since they began the acquisitions of small kingdoms throughout the Nusantara in 13th to 14th century. Fire weapon is used in massive numbers to fight against small kingdoms who still used traditional weapons in wars. Those traditional weapons are usually sharp objects that shoots in close range. The knowledge of the Kingdom of Majapahit in making fire weapons is known to arrive from the invasion of Mongols in 1293. The kingdom’s weapon and strong navy fleet is effective in conquering kingdoms all accross the Nusantara region.

Guns are known to the Europeans from the 13th century. Guns in Europe are known to arrive from the Middle East, having travelled through the Silk Road to get to Europe. A century prior to this, the Mongols also invaded Europe in the 12th century. In that time, the Mongols also introduced fire weapons to the European people. In a session of the hundred years war between England and France in Calais, the army of England have already started using fire arms. The oldest recorded fire arm is known to come from Oteepa, Estonia. This fire arm is made in 1396.

The history of weaponry is quite astonishing. Fire weapons all over the world is mostly introduced by the Mongols as they invaded different regions. Now, fire weapon is continuing to evolve at a faster rate, used by militaries and other people for different activities outside from war.

8 Shocking Top Weapon Producer States

8 Shocking Top Weapon Producer States

There’s a high demand for gun ownership all across the world. Countries have long been conducting exports and imports of guns, bombs, and other weapon to gain revenues. Though civilians can’t own bombs, grenade, and other massive weapon, they can own a rifle or gun if they have a licens. There’s an increase in gun ownership in various regions in the world. United States of America, Swiss, Finland, and Serbia are a few states who have the highest gun ownership rate. In America alone, there are 130.000 gun dealer with 51.438 retail store, 7.356 pawnshop and 61.562 collector.

Now, the world have a few weapons ready in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the favorite weapons in the modern era are AK-47, A5-15, G3, FAL, MP5, M1911 and several others. These weapons are sold and bought by several states. But do you now which states are the highest producer of guns? Now, if you don’t, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve provided a list of top 8 weapon producer state in the world:

  1. USA
    America have seen a great deal of increase in the culture of gun ownership. It is shown in the substantial increase of gun owners for years and years. As mentioned above, this state have more gun stores than grocery stores, 15.000 more to be exact. The market for gun export is up to 29% in 2005 to 2009. In the last five years, the rates have gone up to 31% which is the highest in the world. More guns are produced and exported to different parts of the world. Because of that, America is the leading weapon producer in our list.
  2. Russia
    The second place in our list goes to Russia. In the last five years, the number of weapon export in Russia have increased from 22% to 27%.
  3. China
    In the last couple of years, China have astonishingly increased their weapon production. The market for weapon export have gone from 3% to 6%.
  4. Germany
    The economic giant, Germany, is also one of the leading weapon producer. Germany, other than being known as a mass producer, also created some of the most modern weapon we use now. The market for weapon export is around 11% in 2005 to 2009. But now, that rate has gone down to 5,5%
  5. France
    France have seen significant improvement in the area of selling weapons for export. From 2005 to 2009, this state have a good market rate of 8% which drops to 5% in 2010 until 2014.
  6. England
    Sixth on the list of 8 Weapon Exporter State is England. England historically have been one of the biggest producer of weapon, dating back to the hundred years war. For the last decade, it have a constant market of 4%.
  7. Italy
    Other state in Europe, which is Italy, is on the 7th rank. Export of international weapon in the state have increased from 2% to 3,5% in 2010. Until now, the rate have gone up again and again.
  8. Spain
    Located in Europe, Spain doesn’t just offer famous holiday resort. It is also a popular state that produce and export weapons. Spain market is a bit above 3%, which is why it is in the 8th rank.

Rifles in the America Civil War

Rifles in the America Civil War

The America Civil War is still the deadliest conflict in the history of America to date. The amount of casualties is in a historical high. There is an estimated 620.000 people who lost their life in merely four years of war. But, new research predicts an increase in casualty. Now, the number is up to 750.000 and even 850.000. The number of this casualty is surprisingly bigger than the sum of all America’s war until the Vietnam war. 

The illness that exist because of the lack of antibiotics is the main cause for these horrifying death tolls, more than 2% of Americans are wiped out. But, the evolution of rifles also plays a big role. A more accurate and fast rifle combined with an outdated military tactics have created casualties, even amongst civilians. To get a sense of the war, here are 8 air rifles from the Civil War that you need to know.

Springfield Model

The first mass produced americans rifle in the 1861 has the length of an arm. This weapon is common in the Civil war. Arm shotgun is the most dominant military rifle back then. Like any other gun, the projectile of an arm shotgun is smaller than the hole. This rifle also allows faster loading even when the gun is a bit dirty due to the gun powder. But unlike the previous gun, the hole is dettachable. Dettaching allows Model 1861 and others alike to create a new technologi called the Minie ball. 

Cone shaped projectile, developed by Navy French man Claude Etienne Minie in 1849, is known to achive the highest accuracy in a long rifle that have never happened before. Captain James H. Burton imroved the Minie ball from America by making a hole on the lead bullet base. This allows the projectile to reach wider range when shot. It also allows a more stable and accurate shot. The Union and Confederate army use this accuracy for a destructive effect. They shoot 500 .58 calibers Minie ball in a range of 500 meter at once. 

1861 Model 9-pound model, 40-inch barrel is also a more reliable military weaponry compared to the weapons before. Though there are several adjustment, the shooting speed of a Springfield is similar to the usual gun, which is three shots per minute. This is quite fortunate considering the medical team that already have their hands full with the rapidly increasing injured soldier from the bullets of the 1861 Model.

Pattern 1853 Enfield

Consider by most as a Minie styled weapon at the time, Pattern 1853 Enfield is more developed than most weapon in the battle fielf. A rifle made by England, it is the most commonly used weapon by the Kingdom at that time. It effectively shoots up to 900 yard, 400 yard further than most rifles in the Civil War.England become one of the leading gun dealer for the Rebels (North), with small weapon industries all throughout London and Birmingham creating up to 350.000 1853 Models weapon.